Vietnam Black Forest Scorpion




Vietnam Black Forest Scorpion

The are a large Vietnam Black Forest Scorpion reaching up to 12cm as adults and have large claws which can be painful when pinched. They also have a stinger and their sting is painful although different reactions are known in different people. Black forest scorpions will generally stand back with their claws posed and stinger in the air when they are stressed so take care when cleaning or moving enclosures.

Many scorpions can be kept together in a tank providing they are the same species and they have enough space and hides for all the animals however, black forest scorpions can be violent and cannibalistic if they feel threatened so care should be taking if deciding to cohabit this species. Provide multiple hides and plenty of food for all when feeding.

Vietnamese scorpions prefer a forest type habitat with peaty substrate and plenty of natural resources such as moss, dry leaf litter and bark.

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