Red giraffe weevil beetle



Specimen will come unmounted and pinned into a box with styrofoam

Approximate size of specimen:

.75 inch long


Red giraffe weevil beetle of the weevil family is endemic to the Madagascar region. Their long neck replicates a giraffe, which is an outcome of their name.

Approximate size of specimen:

.75 inch long

To roll the leaves for keeping the eggs safe, the female Giraffe weevil beetle tears it into half and cuts it in a manner that the midribs become visible. The adults and larvae even feed on the leaves, causing more damage to the foliage.

The Red Giraffe Weevil Beetle is a unique insect species found in Madagascar. It is known for its long neck-like appendage, resembling a giraffe’s neck, and its vibrant red coloration.


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