Regal Jumping Spider



Regal Jumping Spider for sale

The Regal Jumping Spider belongs to a family of over 6000 species and originates in South East USA and the West Indies. They enjoy hot and humid temperatures which they would experience in their wild environment.

In captivity, keep Jumping spiders on a substrate which retains moisture such as; coco fibre, forest floor spider-life and other natural substrates. Heating should be provided to reach the ideal temperatures of 75-82F. Humidity can be provided by spraying the substrate three times a week (or as much as needed) to reach humidity levels of 75-80%, never spray the spider itself.

Jumping spiders are small and at adult size only reach 0.7-1.8cm so they do not require a large enclosure. Provide bark, twigs and a plant for your spider to explore- ensure that your spiders enclosure is extremely secure because of the spiders size.

Jumping spiders should be kept alone as they may eat another spider. If pairing your spiders to mate, feed the female well on the day of pairing and put the male into her enclosure whilst she has food in her mouth, this prevents problems.


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