Palmetto Corn Snake 1 CB23



Palmetto Corn Snake 
Pantherophis guttatus

Captive Bred 2023

Sex: Currently unsexed

Genetics: Palmetto

Additional Information:

  • Feeding on defrosted pinkie mice
  • See our Corn Snake care sheet


Palmetto Corn Snake 1 CB23

Palmetto Corn Snake 1 CB23 make an ideal starter pet or an addition to any reptile collection. All of our corn snakes are US Captive Bred- mostly by us, we also stock snakes from local breeders.

Corn snakes reach between 4-6ft as adults and are usually active in the day and at night. They are notorious ‘watchers’ of their owners and are alert and responsive animals.

Corn snakes are generally placid and kind natured and providing they are handled regularly, will remain that way throughout their life, which is around 20-25 years in captivity. They are, like many other snakes, fairly easy to look after, providing we arrange the correct set up.*

Scaleless Corn Snakes require some additional care due to their lack of scales on the top part of their bodies. Try to avoid using rough decor in the vivarium. Add an additional wet hide at medium heat which is sprayed daily. You may need to assist in shedding once the snake is partially through its shed. The scaleless shed tends to bunch up in a tight ring and can get stuck when rolling over the belly. You can soak the snake to help and add extra humidity to the enclosure for a few days before shedding.

*we recommend the use of a thermostat with every reptile set up which requires heat.


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