Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula


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Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula for sale

Our suitability chart allows you to find out more about the nature of the species of the Mexican Fire Leg Tarantula for sale before purchasing. Our suitability is rated by species, please be aware that each spider has its own personality and although a species may generally be rated Green, the individual spider may not be friendly. We recommend that tarantulas are not handled in order to prevent damage to them and us, if you decide to handle your spider please ensure you have researched the species before doing so at your own risk. If you would like to find out more about the suitability of the spider for sale, please contact us.

Tarantula is the name for a big group of spiders which are often large and hairy. Many of us have a fear of spiders which give our eight legged friends a bad name, but there are still many people across the world who keep spiders for their natural beauty.

Tarantulas are usually classified into 2 groups, old world and new world tarantulas- this is based on where the species originate with old world relating to those originating from places like Asia, Africa and Europe, new world spiders being those originating from North and South America.

Most New World tarantulas can be handled as their main defense is to shoot their urticating hairs in times of stress. Although these hairs can cause irritation- in some people more than others, they are generally fairly harmless, with some exceptions which are species dependent.

Old World tarantulas are from hotter climates and tend to have venom which can cause a varying degree of reactions, again specific to the individuals immune system and health status. Old World species depend on a painful bite (usually) but of course this is dependent on the species- because of this we advise that Old World Tarantulas are not handled.

Across the world there are 1000s of species of Tarantula, not all of which have been identified. For this reason, you may find that our Tarantulas do not all have common names. We generally except that owners are more cautious of these spiders and have some experience before adding them to their collection.

Tarantulas are beautiful creatures which have extremely fascinating lives, unlike many other species on the planet. Their webs, habitats, social structure and personality are completely species specific. Tarantulas are very clever creatures and make an exciting and fascinating pet to any collection. We make the best efforts to color code our Tarantulas so that you can choose a species which will suit your needs. If you want to ask us any questions about our Tarantulas and their care requirements, or anything else about the products we sell, please Contact us.

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