Male Marble Tiger het Albino Dwarf Reticulated Python CB22



Male Marble Tiger het Albino
Python reticulatus
Captive Bred 2022

Sex: Male

Genetics: Marble, Tiger, het Albino

Additional Information:

  • See our Reticulated Python care sheet


Female Marble Platinum het Anthrax Dwarf Reticulated Python CB20

Male Marble Tiger het Albino Dwarf Reticulated Python CB22 are one of the largest species of snake in the world with record lengths reaching up to 24 feet. This is extremely large for a reticulated python, we prefer to keep our females around 16-18 feet and our males around 7-9 feet at adult size. Size of reticulated pythons can be managed with a sensible feeding schedule which prevents over-feeding causing extremely large sizes and often over weight snakes, which can cause health problems, so we recommend small and often. For information about feeding, please contact us.

Dwarf reticulated pythons generally become smaller than Mainland retics at adult size, with breeder females reaching around 14-16 feet and breeder males around 6-9 feet. This makes them desirable snakes to keep for those who do not have space for a larger snake. Dwarfs originate from islands with less availability to food than mainlands.

There are a number of genetic lines now bread into dwarf retics meaning that some of the morphs, colours and patterns that were not available previously are now on the market. This also means that mainland genetics have been bred into bloodlines allowing the genetics to be mixed with dwarf blood. Pure dwarfs are still available, these are naturally occurring morphs in the wild, and are still largely bred across the globe.

For advice on enclosures, feeding, breeding, genetics and anything else about Mainland, Dwarf or Super Dwarf reticulated pythons, please contact us.


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