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Mack Snow Leopard Gecko CB23

Mack Snow Leopard Gecko are a nocturnal species of gecko which originate in Pakistan. They are a fascinating species which come in many colours and sizes. Colours and patterns of leopard geckos are controlled by genetics, and they are bred selectively to create different morphs. Even though Leopard Geckos may look different, they all need similar care.

Leopard Geckos enjoy a desert environment which replicates where they would live in the wild. There are lots of different substrates available which include sand and sometimes an additional bio material to provide a natural desert look. There is no right or wrong substrate from the available range, and we recommend finding one that both you and your gecko enjoy.

It is important to provide both a basking spot and a cold spot for your gecko, this can be achieved with a heat lamp and adequate enclosure size providing a temperature gradient. Make sure you have plenty of decor in your gecko’s enclosure, they enjoy climbing on rocks and branches- just make sure they are securely fitted.

Leopard Geckos eat a range of insects including Crickets, Locusts, Mealworms and more. They only eat insects which should be dusted with Calcium supplement in order to keep your gecko strong and healthy.

For more information on Leopard Geckos- we recommend the pet expert Leopard Gecko book which can be purchased here. If you have any questions about Leopard Geckos, or any of our other livestock please Contact Us.


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