Female Lesser Clown Royal Python 2750g CB19



Female Lesser Clown 
Python regius
Captive Bred 2022

Sex: Female

Genetics: Lesser, Clown

Additional Information:

  • feeding on defrosted rodents
  • See our Royal Python care sheet
  • Not paired last season
  • Weight: 2750g


Female Lesser Clown Royal Python 2750g CB19

All our Female Lesser Clown Royal Python 2750g CB19 are either produced ourselves or sourced from local breeders, they all feed on defrosted mice or rats.

Royal pythons are a great starter snake, they can be nervous and unsure at first, but with handling are tame and slow moving.

Adults usually only grow to approx 110cm weighing approx around 1500g so are a relatively small pet. Females grow bigger than males, they are usually fed more as many people like to breed them. As females have to produce and lay eggs, they need extra food and energy. The males can be kept smaller as they do not need to go through this process. As with all our livestock purchases we offer constant in-store after care service to ensure you and your pet get the best start. We encourage customers to contact us and keep us up to date with your pets progress via our Facebook Page.

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