Dalmatian Crested Gecko



Male Dalmatian Crested Gecko 
Rhacodactylus ciliatus
Captive Bred 2022

Sex: Male

Additional Information:


Male Dalmatian Crested Gecko CB22

Dalmatian Crested Gecko are a fascinating medium sized arboreal forest species who always have a permanent smile! They are known for their little quirks like their wide triangular shaped head, soft webbed feet and their ability to lick their eyes!

Cresties are usually tame and are excellent pets who spend their time jumping and climbing in their arboreal set up. They can be handled and many enjoy hand feeding- they are easy to interact with, providing we have some treats on hand!

Crested geckos live on a diet of insect and some fruit in the wild. In captivity they are fed crickets and locusts along with some fruit and available jam mixtures which can be used to train your gecko for handling.

There are many morphs of Crested Geckos available such as classic, flame, Dalmatian and many more with lots of colours available from deep browns to bright whites, yellows and oranges. Crested Geckos are fairly easy to keep as long as we provide the right environment. Recent studies promote the use of low % UV lighting and its many important properties. Please contact us about creating the best environment for your reptile!


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